Track your shipment

Q: Where can I see which supplier the product is from ?

A: Below each product's picture there will be a logo of the supplier and also next to the
    picture on the right the name of the supplier is shown at 'reference'.

Q: How can I contact the supplier ?

A: At the bottom of the site in the 'Information' column you will find the 'Suppliers
    Contact List'.

Q: What is the return policy of Right to the Door ?

A: Right to the Door does not have a return policy. The return policy depends on the 
    policy utilized by each supplier separately (contact the supplier through the 'Supplier
    Contact List' and ask about their policy). Also check out point 11 of our Terms &

Q: How can I see only the products from a specific supplier ?

A: Go to the search bar on the top of the screen and search for the desired supplier's 

Q: Do I have to pay separately for each item that I add to my shopping cart ?

A: No, the system will charge you the total amount of the products added to your cart.

Q: How can I remove an item from the shopping cart ?

A: Click on the 'Shopping Cart' logo (top right side of your screen) and click on the
    'delete' button behind the product that you wish to remove from your cart.

Q: How/where can I change my profile information ?

A: Once you're logged in you can go to the 'Your Account Info' button next to the
    search bar on top of the screen and change the desired information. Or go to 'My
    Personal Info' in the 'My Account'-column at the bottom of the page.

Q: What are the accepted payment methods ?

A: We accept Visa or MasterCard.

Q: How is the shipping process for local purchases ?

A: As soon as an order is placed Cpost will be notified and will pick up the product from 
    the supplier and deliver it to the client within 2 business days; there must be
    someone present at the delivery address to receive the package or else the package
    will not be dropped off. Remember to enter the correct shipping address. Check out
    points 5, 7 & 10 of our Terms & Conditions.

Q: How is the shipping process for international purchases?

A: As soon as an order is placed Cpost will be notified and will pick up the product from
    the supplier and deliver it to the delivery country via their EMS (Express Mailing
    System). Upon arrival at the destination country the clients will be notified to pick-up
    their package(s) as corresponding tax and duties need to be applied and paid for
    before claiming any package.

Q: How can I track my shipment ?

A: Simply take the invoice number found on the top right of the pdf-file attached to the 
    purchase confirmation e-mail that you've received and fill it in the 'Track your
    shipment' bar found on the left hand side of the page below the column of all the
    shopping categories.

Q: I've signed up to receive newsletters, but I haven't received any; why ?

A: : Either Right To The Door hasn't sent any newsletter or you have to check your 
      'junk mail' folder or any other folder that you have in your e-mail account.
      To avoid the newsletters of landing in your junk-mail simply add 
      '' to your contacts list. Also check if you've entered your 
      e-mail address correctly when you signed up.